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    H.I.T. is a collaboration of humans that serve hospitality-focused organizations with true grit & passion to help them thrive today in the complexity of what it takes to thrive.


    We provide Advisory, Coaching, Training, Consulting and Implementation Support Services.

    Natalie Viglione, CLC, CPC, CBC





    Natalie is a creative visionary that brings 17 years of corporate experience to her focus as an entrepreneur. Upon reaching a Vice President Executive level in NYC, she decided to disrupt her existence and has focused all of her energy on building her own empire. Natalie is harnessing her creative and business acumen developing an edgy, out of the box, award-winning Business & Coaching Services Firm through Team Gu (parent to H.I.T.), and has launched a new product/coaching program and podcast called Disrupt Now (disrupting the status quo!)


    She has always had a keen ability to intuitively know what makes companies and humans tick and grew up in a restaurant family. Her father owned and operated several establishments over the time she spent in her home area in Nevada. It's her passion to help organizations that make people happy and celebrate, and that's exactly why H.I.T. was created.

    H.I.T. combines the Disrupt Now ethos of Team Gu, and the work that is completed is thoroughly broken down to dive into the way people act, behave, and the way people's brains work to create customized solutions. Her work experience in corporations expands across business operations, management, strategy, and implementation of large sales and marketing projects that include but are not limited to branding, writing and creating content, creative direction, complex technology projects, video production, rolling out new sales initiatives and training procedures, and much more. Natalie received a B.S. degree in Business, Marketing.

    Alan Maio





    Alan Maio has led a distinguished career in the building materials and mining industries, most notably, as a senior manager for two Fortune Global 500 companies. Throughout his career, he has been asked to take leadership roles in multiple countries and leads many teams.


    Over the years, Alan has gained important insights on leadership, project management, change management, process improvement and performance management. Growing up in a family restaurant business helped him understand at an early age what it takes to run a successful enterprise and helped him find success in the corporate world.


    Alan’s journey has come full circle. His experiences run the gamut from managing restaurants to being an executive in the corporate world. Alan is now able to combine his true passions; working in the hospitality industry, building teams and helping businesses improve organizational and operational efficiency.


    Alan received a degree in Civil Engineering and is a Six Sigma Green Belt.

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    We are a collaboration of key companies that can provide you niche services to support your

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