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    We're not just a service that consults, we get in and to the "dirty work" with you. We're your strategic partners in helping you get to the next level. We work with hotels, restaurants and/or bars, catering companies, breweries, and so much more!


    We provide the following services via fixed project costs and/or investing in a monthly services agreement to offer ongoing support:

    Business & Operational Services
    Strategic Planning for Business Operations | Coaching and Mentoring Program (Disrupt Now) Event Planning & Organization | Cost Analyses | Setting Business Goals & Key Performance Indicators | Menu Engineering & Food Cost Analysis


    Human Resource Services
    The Hospitality Improvement Team is your PEO go-to (Professional Employer Organization) and we partner with hospitality-based organizations to provide comprehensive HR outsourcing to help manage you human resources, regulatory compliance, and more so that we can share the employer responsibilities with you.


    Staffing & Recruitment | Employee Full Process Management & Onboarding | Leadership Development |Staff Training | Customer Service Training | Policies & Procedures Development & Implementation | Training Manual Development | Employee Relationship Management | Performance & Change Management


    Marketing Services
    Strategy for Marketing (Brand Strategy: Identity, Tone, Voice, Creation of Story, Etc.) | Content Strategy (Editorial, blog, social, web, etc.) | Influencer Outreach & Target Strategy | Media Relations (Public Relations) | Inbound Lead Strategy | Social Advertising Strategy | Promotion & Syndication | Content Marketing & Production (Video, Written, Visual) | Local Marketing | Boosting Review Opportunities


    Technology & Design Services
    Custom Website Development (WordPress CMS) | Built-In Online Ordering System | Design (Landing Pages, Emails, Etc.)


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