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NYSRA WEBINAR: Creating a Multi-Generational Strategy

Webinar for the New York State Restaurant Association

· Operations,Marketing,Tech Design

We know, managing and appealing to a multi-generational workforce and customer base today is a challenge. It's a challenge that every leader must face.

In this webinar we built for the New York State Restaurant Association's members, we hit on the complicated world of creating a strategy when you have to go from working with young people just starting college (Gen Z) all the way to those hitting that 60 year old mark (Baby Boomers). We cover key points in operations, marketing, technology & design in order to help you get a little better handle on where to start, or innovate on things you're already doing. While this is hospitality-focused, the items we cover really can work for ANY industry!

Every generation group has differentiating characteristics that will require a unique strategy. Managing a workforce and trying to market to people that range in ages from 18 to 60+ can have huge implications on the success of your business.

This webinar will help you understand who these people are, and will provide the top ways to:

  • Build Operational Excellence with Your Staff, Vendors and More;
  • Create Marketing Excellence to Attract Varying Age Groups;
  • Getting Media Attention in the Right Outlets, and;
  • Optimize Your Website for the Multi-Generational User

Webinar Resources & Giveaways

This guide gives you the short cut for messaging and creating a smart marketing strategy that speaks to generations differently.

Track all of your media outreach and placements in one spot.

Easy to follow guide for your SEO to-do list in 2017.

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